More than 600 teachers nationwide have been deregistered and removed from the national education system.

Education Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra confirmed this today, (Wednesday, 10th February 2021).

Dr. Uke Kombra said this is because many of the teachers graduated from respective teaching colleges without following the proper process since 2017.

He said others scored lower Grade Point Averages or GPA’s while many came through the system through fraudulent means.

Secretary Kombra being an educationist said teaching is a critical role and teachers must be trained properly under proper screening and vetting exercises to be qualified to teach in classrooms.

Kombra said the teacher’s role is very critical to the upbringing and education of students.

They are responsible for transferring knowledge and skills including attitudes and values to students and that is a very critical element in our education process.

The Education Secretary expressed this, clarifying issues surrounding the de-registration of more than 600 teachers.

Dr. Uke Kombra said the department through thorough inspections has revealed that most of these teachers have not graduated through proper means.

He adds, many were Grade 10 non-school leavers and have come through direct entries without a proper screening process.

Secretary Kombra said the department is very concerned about the issue and has come up with the resolution which he described as a responsible decision for the good of education in the country.

He said it’s their responsibility to ensure teachers are well trained to teach in classrooms.

Out of the 609 teachers, 153 were accepted to teach following a review of the decision by the department.

Secretary Kombra said due to the malpractices of teachers’ colleges’ students are becoming victims, and on the whole, affects the education standards in the country.

Meantime, 132 teachers were instructed to upgrade their marks through FODE while the rest were removed from the payroll.

NBC News- Mark Kayok

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