NCC Develops Election Standard Operating Procedure

The National Control Centre is strongly encouraging everyone involved in the conduct of the 2022 National Elections, especially frontline workers, like police, defence and electoral officials, to be vaccinated.

While the NCC has developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to guide the conduct of this event, considered a ‘super spreader’, there is no clear indication of how exactly the elections will be carried out in line with COVID-19 health protocols of social distancing, among others.

NCC Deputy Controller Dr. Daoni Esorom said vaccination is not compulsory, so if workers don’t want to be vaccinated – strict compliance with the ‘Niupela Pasin’ must be employed.

Dr. Daoni Esorom

Dr. Daoni said “The Electoral Commission met with our team three times and identified areas where we will be collaborating in. So I think the different areas of the election like polling booths or counting venues and all of those are being discussed with our team to see where interventions come in. The ultimate outcome of this is to make sure that we reduce the transmission during the national elections.”

NBC News – Lyanne Togiba

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